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      produces the valve for many years,the product quality,the price is reasonable,favored by the vast number of users trust and praise Zhejiangliangyi valve products series fixed ball valve series, forging steel ball valve series half eccentric ball valve series, v-type regulating ball valve series, floating ball valve series, insulation ball valve series, three chip ball valve series, liquefied gas ball valve series, American standard ball valve series, resisting sulfur ball valve series, stainless steel ball valve series, electric ball valve series, pneumatic ball valve series, tees ball valve series and gas valve and industrial piping valve Door. valve product standard GB, API, ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc. Product material has stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium ultra-low carbon steel, high nickel alloy and monel alloy etc; The product specification:DN1200mm:DN40-PN0.1~42Mpa pressure: drive mode can adopt manual and electric, pneumatic, transmission device; and etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, the papermaking, mining, metallurgical electricity, food pharmaceutical liquefied petroleum gas, water, the mechanical device necessary, fire control, urban construction, etc.

      I company quality system has better technical force and equipment, strict quality management, the product with novel shape, reasonable structure, uniform according to international standard production. LIANGYI companies with the quality and reliability as design for the production of principles, through continuous improvement valve technology, technology     and innovation drive enterprise development, ensure the quality of products. LIANGYI to every client from original design, modelling to eventual use of providing the whole process of technology guarantee, which makes every user with a relatively low input with good economic returns. The company strictly carries out ISO9001:2000 international quality system requirements, are also equipped with after-sales service system, make the company has achieved good reputation in the fierce competition in the market dominant company staff with its ever-seeking-better working attitude, paying attention to the produce of each detail, with perfece quality system standard and strict scientific management system to bring you in quality guarantee, LIANGYI with sincere service and good credit repay the customers.